Engage Your Fans

No longer are fans content with listening to your music and waiting for your next album or your next show.

Fans want to experience your life as an artist and they want to belong to a community where they can share and engage with like minded fans.

Engage Your Fans Around The World Every Step Of The Way And Give Them What They Want.


& Privileges



Live Streaming

Let your fans around the world experience your shows & live events

Professionally produced live streaming from exclusive behind the scene footage and individual shows, to following your entire tour.

Membership & Privileges

Offer members exclusive subscription & privileges

Offer membership subscription to your most loyal fans with member exclusive content and privileges

Exclusive Content & Promos

Engage your fans around the world with exclusive content & promos

App exclusive timeline of events and multimedia content – artist posts, music, photos, videos, blogs, live streaming, behind the scene footage and special offers.

Relevant & Targeted Merchandising

Give your fans what they want with relevant and targeted offers

Fans identify with your image. Promote your favourite brands and sponsors. Offer a rich shopping experience and let your fans take home a memento of your events.

Fan Engagement Features