Your Fans.. Your Data!

Captures advanced demographic and psychographic data on all your fans, both those attending your events live and those joining from different locations around the world.

Watch Your Fan Community Grow With Every Event

See at a glance where your fans are, whether attending live, streaming or socially engaging with like minded fans.

Capture Useful Data And Act On It

MySeat delivers you real-time analytics on your fan’s social interaction and engagement with your exclusive content and promotions, including purchases – all as it’s happening. It also gathers data from all your events and appearances detailing insightful data on key metrics.

Know What Drives Your Loyal Fans

Capture useful data and use it to build fan loyalty including email addresses, geographic locations, history of engagement on the app, social reach and more, on each individual using your app. Also capture psychographic data including fan’s interests, sentiments and opinions, and even their purchasing history.