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See where your fans are
Capture useful data and act on it
Know what drives your loyal fans

General Information

A reusable app architecture to build and publish apps with minimal effort.

Different design themes to choose from.

Extensive server-side application programming interfaces (APIs)

  • to source and serve multi-media content to the client app
  • and capture extensive usage and engagement data

Built on Amazon Web Services where it can easily be scaled for growth and cost-effectiveness.

Live fan engagement data capture and analytics

  • repository for in depth analytics, fan profiling and machine learning
  • fan engagement data can be correlated over time periods and events
  • create cohorts based on demographics, psychographics and engagement behaviours
  • serve relevant and targeted invitations, promotions, advertising and sponsorships

Architected for ease of value-added technologies integration

  • Shopify - for a native and seamless artist shop integration with rev share;
  • Stripe - for purchase payment processing and artist direct rev share transfer to their bank account;
  • Mixpanel - to provide tailored analytics and measure user engagement and retention;
  • Airship -  for push notifications and messaging;
  • Red5 - for live video streaming at scale;
  • Gimbal - for location base services geofencing and beacons technology;
  • Facebook / Instagram / Twitter - for sharing and importing content


Selling Direct-To-Fans Exclusive Offers & Experiences

  • Subscriptions
  • DMs
  • Exclusive tracks & albums
  • Listening parties
  • Spontaneous live
  • Invite fans to go live
  • Meet & Greet (virtual/in-person)
  • Professional 4G livestream
  • Artists content collaborations
  • Exclusive Merch
  • Auctions
  • NFTs with in-app perks
  • Backstage access
  • VIP tickets and packages
  • Videocasts / podcasts
  • Music videos
  • Lifestyle content
  • Public Appearances
  • BTS in studio music creation
  • Inspirations & lyrics