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Get a list

MySeat allows you to generate a list of fans, ordered by loyalty. We determine loyalty with metrics like dollars and time spent on the app.
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Send notifications

Send push notifications directly to these fans. These can drive fans to buy merch, listen to new music, and more.
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Direct message

Want more impact? Message your top fans directly through the app to give them those moments to rememeber.
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Engagement and usage

See how your fans are using your app, and test different prices and strategies to drive higher conversion rates.
  • Merch sales breakdown
  • Streaming analytics
  • Length of time spent on the app
  • Total views per post
  • Daily and monthly active users

Buying behavior

Know what works and what doesn’t so that every merch drop, music release, and concert is more successful than the last.
  • Ticket sales
  • Merchandise sales
  • Premium subscriptions
  • NFTs
  • Exclusive auctions
  • Subscriber livestreams

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